I love Super Junior dearly.Mostly i reblog others post.Let me know if i didn't credit properly.Thank you so much to all the subber because without you.i'll never fall in love with Suju.I love and want to keep all the precious posts that anyone post about Suju.Please let me SHARE with others too...owh yaa i'm also DBSJYJ lover...


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some things never change…even after two years

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The making of Donghae’s instavid ㅋㅋ

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when u smile, i smile

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the 83liner ♥

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welcome back crying baby special1004

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I think the quietest member is the most happiest of Leader’s return, yeah the other members are wild and interacting with Teuk, but you can just see how much Sungmin adores Leeteuk as he silently watches him in the dark with a big grimace ;;

He is really happy for Leeteuk

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precious 83line ಥ_ಥ


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Thank you for the last 2 years of protecting Super Junior and Elf.

You’ve done a good Job as our leader. We are so proud of you. 


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