I love Super Junior dearly.Mostly i reblog others post.Let me know if i didn't credit properly.Thank you so much to all the subber because without you.i'll never fall in love with Suju.I love and want to keep all the precious posts that anyone post about Suju.Please let me SHARE with others too...owh yaa i'm also DBSJYJ lover...


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Leeteuk - … 

Oops!! No more space for the leader.. hahaha..

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Eunwook love and hate relationship (c) (c)

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Eunwook love and hate relationship (c) (c)

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  • When i first found Super Junior:
  • Why are there so many members?
  • How the fuck am i supposed to learn all of their names?
  • I swear like 6 of them have the same face!
  • How am i supposed to pick a bias?
  • What???...I'm confused
  • OMG! I think those 2 are gay together!
  • Now:
  • LOL Do you want their names in order alphabetically or numerically?
  • Nicknames or real names?
  • OMG! That's Oppa! I can tell by the sound of his voice!
  • How can you not tell the difference between their faces? Thay all have unique smiles, eyes, and noses.
  • Damn it! It's so hard to make a bias list!
  • Omg! My OTP is so real!

you see everyone acting silly but donghae though (⊙﹏⊙✿)

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omg old school suju is the best hahaha

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